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A close friend of mine recently received a hard-won raise that I watched her sweat bullets of blood to get. As she told me, “my boss celebrated my ‘achievement’ more than I did.”

She didn’t go out for a celebratory dinner or buy herself a small token of appreciation. She couldn’t even pay down one of her many overwhelming credit cards, years of debt accumulated to make ends meet during years and years of thinking, “it will get better, and I’ll pay these off.” Her accomplishment, ironically, threw her into a deep depression.

Why? Her hourly earnings weren’t nearly enough…

A Pride Month post I saw recently drove home a valid point. While people have made significant strides in marriage equality, there is one group of people who still lack the freedom to marry the person of their choice — the disabled.

Tragically, the lack of a comprehensive, single-payer healthcare system in America has led some to stay single and other unfortunate couples to break their bonds and divorce. The problem is one of many that is implicit in any for-profit system, adding to the innate immorality of any societal construct that doesn’t consider healthcare a human right.

Just as…

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A new report from the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine should alarm everyone. It should innervate workers desperate for change — and it should terrify lawmakers into taking immediate and swift action if they care about saving human lives.

What’s so damning about the report? Americans between the ages of 25 and 64 are dying in droves. What’s causing the increased mortality? Deaths of despair. …

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The days of punching a time clock and reporting to a workstation for eight hours a day, five days a week may soon become as much of a relic as rotary dial telephones. Today, it’s far more common to teach crafts or science camp, drive for DoorDash, and then maybe log a few evening hours managing social media campaigns.

Love it or hate it, the gig economy is here to stay. This new style of work does have some perks. However, they mostly flow to the top. …

I have to start this post with a confession of sorts, dear readers. As a health blogger and guide, I walk a fine line. I do what I do because I have suffered, and I want to spare others similar misery. If I can share useful information and techniques that help people ease their physical and mental pain, my mission on earth is complete.

That said, I never want to give people the impression that I’m some genius guru or that the methods that help me manage my conditions will work for everyone. Here’s the thing, folks — there are…

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Few people doubt that social media is a minefield, but for those of us low on the socioeconomic scale, it’s often also another kick in the old self-esteem. Don’t you dare click “like” on any article related to personal finance.

If you do, expect your feed to flood with a million articles telling you that you and only you are the reason that you’re poor. All your problems occur because you think negative thoughts or are overly afraid of failure, not because decades of wage stagnation mean one wrong money move could land you in a cardboard box.

Now, scientific…

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For many, life in America right now is a nightmare straight out of a Dickens novel. Christmas is fast approaching, and many don’t know if they’ll even have a roof over their head after the holiday, let alone food on the table and gifts under the tree. Meanwhile, hopes that Congress will do their job and help via a second round of stimulus cash continue to dim.

It’s heartbreaking to look at what other nations are doing to support their citizens, while lawmakers in D.C. can’t seem to agree on anything other than that the bloated U.S. military needs more…

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Just in case I forgot, the news this week reminded me that I don’t fully “count” as a human being.

No, the law doesn’t officially define me as less than a full person for census purposes. However, the misleading 6% statistic circulating on social media claiming that a large percentage of COVID-19 deaths resulted not from the disease itself, but “underlying conditions” reminded me that, in the eyes of society, I’m not supposed to have goals, aspirations, dreams. I shouldn’t have a life. I’m merely taking up space on the planet while other able-bodied folks wait for me to die.

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If I were an alien watching the U.S. elections from the safety of my spacecraft, I’d no doubt find the antics as entertaining as earthlings find shows like “Tiger King.”

Unfortunately, I’m a citizen of Planet Earth, specifically the U.S., and the next four years will significantly impact the trajectory of my life and that of millions of other Americans. For the past four years, the world has watched our nation with the same mingling of horror and morbid fascination usually reserved for rubbernecking car crashes. …

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People with chronic illnesses in America who aren’t eligible for their parent’s health insurance policy or 65-plus face an impossible catch 22:

  • To get a job, we need healthcare so that we can function.
  • To get said healthcare, we first need jobs with benefits.

I am one of those individuals. In over 15 years, I haven’t found a solution in America. I’m far from alone in my predicament.

The job market today demands you remain on your A-game from starting gate to gold watch. However, with the advent of the gig economy, the proliferation of part-time positions, and the utter…

Jennifer Stanley

Jennifer Stanley is a freelance writer, teacher, and progressive social activist with a focus on disability rights. You can follow her blog at

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